Ways to Boost Gmail Performance

Google mail this name means something. It means trust for a decade it has proved its value and has become the best email. It functions all over the globe and it has made so many difficult objectives extremely easy to use. But with every good thing, some flaws also comes. So sometimes when you use your mail irresponsibly or becomes a victim of spamming it affects the overall performance.

Ways to Boost Gmail Performance

We know that you want your mail to work smoothly and it’s also your right. But you have to understand one thing no one can predict technical faults or errors. We have to take certain measures and steps in order to reduce faults which will ultimately lead to a massive boost in performance.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready we are going to discuss 7 full proof ways to increase your Gmail speed.

Below are the steps in detail which will take all the problems of your email away and I am sure once you complete all the steps you will get a new speed altogether.

The Browser Check Delay.

Assume every time you enter a different house your system analyzes whether this house is fit for you or not.

How much time it will waste? Your life will become a nightmare.

So Google has a default setting to analyze every time you log in into a new browser which consumes so much time. What you have to do is disable it. When you do it will not just increase your speed but it will also provide stability to your browser.

  • Removal of saved passwords and unwanted apps– You must have saved passwords or any form at least once. On one side it might look convenient. But it takes a lot of processing time to enter any form. Also, you must be habitual of using different kinds of toolbars. Well, guess what that toolbar also consumes a lot of space which ultimately decreases the overall performance. So remove all the saved passwords and auto-fill forms.
  • Always use the default theme– To look good and make everything attractive and beautiful is the mindset of almost every person. Well, that mindset Leeds to change in themes of your Google. You need to understand what happens if you change the theme, so what happens is the more beautification a theme has. The more pictures or more personalization it requires which ultimately result in a significant increase in the time processed by Gmail to follow your important commands.

What is more important the speed of your Gmail, your important work or a very little pleasure to your eyes?

You need to decide and take the decision wisely and in order to make use of your Gmail most effectively use default theme provided by Gmail.

  • Disabling hangout- You must be aware of the messaging feature which Google provides. Yes, it is important for some and completely useless for others. But for those who don’t require this feature. It is just like a linen suit which we only wear once and after that, it just takes unnecessary space. So I know you all are intelligent and you will make the right choice and disable the default chat system of Gmail. It will help you significantly as chatting requires lots of data, live coverage, and usage of space.
  • Display of more emails at a time- Google mail gives you a feature to display 100 emails at a single time on a single page. This feature gives some viewers a comfortable environment when they want to work with multiple emails. It also makes sorting easy. But in order to load 100 emails on a single page, Google has to process lots of data. Lots of data mean more time so it’s best to use at most 25 emails at a time open on a single page.
  • Keep deleting the history- No matter how useless it may seem History and cookies not just take space but also make the browser and Gmail run slower. So it’s best to delete history every week for good performance.
  • Disable Gmail labs- Gmail lab is a feature if enabled give access to key business programs. But this feature is under development and experimental. And it is for higher graphics pc which results in reducing the speed of the Gmail. So it’s best if you disable the feature.

I am sure that you will follow all these steps thoroughly. They will boost your Gmail and all your speed-related problems will be gone. Each step is tested by our experts and is full proof. We did our part telling you how to boost the speed of your Gmail now it’s your turn to implement those.


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